Classic Electric 12E - £485.00

A compact, lightweight 420W mains-electric push cylinder mower ideal for bringing a close, precision finish to smaller domestic lawns. Comes with a five-bladed Qc (Quick Cartridge) precision cutting cylinder as standard. Cutting width 30cm (12”) Optional extra Qc scarifier cartridge available for thatch removal and lawn renovation can be interchanged quickly with the cutting cartridge. Simple, five-position hand-dial adjustment of cutting heights between 6-32mm (1/4”-1 ¼”) to suit the season and grass growth conditions. Motor fitted with thermal protection.


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Sandringham Electric 14E - £649.00

The Sandringham 14E is the perfect electrical cylinder mower that has been designed for keen home gardeners that have a small lawn to maintain but want to maintain an impressive aesthetic regardless.


The lawn mower is a mains electric powered (420W) self propelled mower, perfect for achieving a pristine cut.


The machine boasts a 35.6cm (14″) cutting width, meaning it is capable of cutting larger surface areas more quickly than your standard mower. It is equipped with a 5 bladed precision cutting cylinder made of hardened and ground steel, complied of 5 curved blades to produce a scissor-like cutting action ensuring the cut is level and sharp.


The cutting cylinder allows the machine to deliver 88 cuts per metre, in 5 pre-set cutting heights from ¼ to 1 ¼ (6mm-32mm).


The Sandringham 14E’s cutting unit incorporates a static rake to tease and lift out dead material, moss and lateral grasses for improved cutting performance, whilst an optional powered scarifier cartridge can be fitted easily in place of the mower’s standard cutting unit.


Handlebars have two height positions to enable ease of use, and it’s also able to be folded. The 32 litre large grassbox is made from sturdy polypropylene. The machine is a total of 52cm (20.5″) in width, and weighs a total of 28kg with the grassbox.


All machines carry our two year warranty on parts and labour.











Allett Liberty 30 - £699.00

Allett Liberty 35 - £789.00

Allett Liberty 43 - £1189.00


Our Liberty machines are the newest addition to our Allett Mowers Homeowner Mower Range.


The Liberty mowers (available in 12”, 14” and 17”) are battery powered garden cylinder mowers, powered by 40V Lithium Ion batteries. The lawn mowers are available with 5 pre-set cutting heights which range from 6mm to 32mm. Each machine is capable of delivering 6 speeds so you will be able to find the most suitable speed for your lawn.


The Lithium Ion battery is a fairly new technology in the industry which allows you to mow with low noise output and no frustrating trailing cables, since you’re no longer tethered to electric cables for power.  All three models are push button starts which means you no longer have to strain yourself pulling a cord. A fully charged battery allows an astonishing 600m2 to be mowed in one sitting! This is a greener option when compared to a petrol or diesel mower, though of course the lawn mower that is best for you will depend entirely on the requirements of your environment.


The Lithium Ion batteries are ideal for mowing applications due to their high energy density, as they are able to operate for extended periods between charges. The rechargeable nature of the batteries allows you to reach further afield than ever as there are no cable restraints limiting your boundaries. A full recharge takes approximately 1hr 45 and costs around 5p depending on your electricity prices. The machines are much lighter than their petrol counterparts meaning that operator fatigue will be reduced due to the lighter load – meaning a larger area can be covered before tiring aswell as it being easier to push the machine into tight areas!


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Stiga Park 220P



New improved models for 2020! Weibang 46 & 50 SVP Rotary mowers - Pro Quality at Domestic Prices


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